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Welcome to the World of GreenPro Certified Green Cleaning Chemicals Designed for Indian Conditions.

Haylide’s GreenPro Certified Range can now be used in all IGBC & GreenCo rated buildings & projects, becoming the first Indian cleaning chemicals brand to be approved through the GreenPro label.

UTILEX-M : is a Powerful Machine dish wash detergent liquid that has high degreasing power specially suited for Indian Cooking. UTILEX R is the rinse aid which provides fast drying, Neutralization of detergents & streak free, shining utensils. All serving utensils, crockery, cutlery & glassware etc can be washed efficiently in all professional hood type & rack conveyor machine.

Usage 3-6 ml/ltr for UTILEX M & 1 to 2 ml/ltr for UTILEX R.

Available in 5, 20 ltr packing.

H Kleen Hdg is an alkaline grill degreasing for removing tough deposited grease from ovens, grills, chimney hoods etc, Use gloves while handling. Dilution ratio 1-2 to direct use.

Available in 5ltr cans.

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