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Welcome to the World of GreenPro Certified Green Cleaning Chemicals Designed for Indian Conditions.

Haylide’s GreenPro Certified Range can now be used in all IGBC & GreenCo rated buildings & projects, becoming the first Indian cleaning chemicals brand to be approved through the GreenPro label.

A two in one product containing detergent + alkalinity booster to tackle tough laundry like staff uniforms / F&B uniforms & lien /greasy industrial laundry. Laundro Det-n-Boost is completely free from slurry & also contains optical brighteners in a single step product that is safe on white & colored clothes & linen.

A unique emulsifier combination to dissolve grease from laundry like staff uniforms / F&B uniforms & linen / greasy industrial laundry etc. Laundro Mulse is safe on white & colored clothes & Linen.

A non slurry based combination of surfactant based detergents, eco friendly straight chain emulsifier, chelating agents & low percentage potassium alkali soap, Laundro Kleen is an ideal liquid detergent for all laundry. Having low alkalinity an excellent fragrance & in built optical brighteners, clothes come out clean, soft and fresh. Ideal for guest laundry as a stand alone product & can also be used in combination with laundro Bleach-O

All laundry products are available in following packing
Powder: 5kg PET jar & 25 kg, paper lined HDPE bags
Liquids: 5ltrs & 20 ltrs jerry cans.

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