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Welcome to the World of GreenPro Certified Green Cleaning Chemicals Designed for Indian Conditions.

Haylide’s GreenPro Certified Range can now be used in all IGBC & GreenCo rated buildings & projects, becoming the first Indian cleaning chemicals brand to be approved through the GreenPro label.

Floor Polish & Maintenance (Marble & Kota)

About Floor Shine: A liquid Floor Crystallizer for polishing Marble & Kota floors.

Usage Dilution : Direct Application

Ideal End User All user requiring Polishing of Marble and Kota Floors.

About FlorPol: A Powder Floor Enchant & Crystallizer for resorting damaged and scratched Marble & Kota Floors.

Usage Dilution : 1:1 Powered pate in water

Ideal End User Fro restoring and polishing Marble and Kota Floors.

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