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Welcome to the World of GreenPro Certified Green Cleaning Chemicals Designed for Indian Conditions.

Haylide’s GreenPro Certified Range can now be used in all IGBC & GreenCo rated buildings & projects, becoming the first Indian cleaning chemicals brand to be approved through the GreenPro label.

About Freshex An aerosol free water alcohol based range of room fresheners. Freshex is available in many variants based on floral, citrus & cologne bases. Freshex fragrances are non irritant & long lasting. Haylide makes room refreshers in both an alcohol free water base & a low alcohol concentration base also. Freshex Exotic Flower is completely free of alcohol or VOC's. The alcohol used in the other fragrances is denatured ethanol which is natural source & biodegradable. Freeshex may be sprayed in all closed spaces & may even be sprayed in air-conditioning ducts & AHU rooms.

Usage Dilution ready to use

Special Remarks spray 15-20 times /100sq ft is normally recommended for 1-1.5 hour effect. (Also human nose becomes immune to fragrance in about 10-15 minutes & hence inhabitants of a room where fresheners is sprayed may not feel the fragrance, but new entrants to the room will feel it)

Fragrance Available

Available in 5 ltr cans & in 500 ml & 300 ml spray bottles as ready to use (RTU) empty spray bttles are also available for refilling RTU solution at site.

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