Green Policy

Haylide Chemicals follows the motto Green Cleaning for All. Basically a Philosophy that endeavors to produce Cost Effective, High Performance Cleaning Solutions that replace conventional products with minimum resistance & in fact better the experience of cleaning, both for the user as well as the inhabitants of the property being cleaned..

Haylide takes Green Cleaning to the next level by not only replacing basic Surfactants by biodegradable alternatives but has also done a lot of work on adjuvant, chelating agents, thickeners, alkalies, acids & solvents. The aim is to replace every existing conventional non biodegradable ingredient with new age biodegradable raw materials most of which are of natural origin. This is reflected in our Eco MSDS which gives details of the biodegradability of the ingredients, a First for MSDS across the world.

We look forward to serving our Customers & our planet with greener alternatives.

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