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Green Earth People Safe

Welcome to the World of GreenPro Certified Green Cleaning Chemicals Designed for Indian Conditions.

Haylide’s GreenPro Certified Range can now be used in all IGBC & GreenCo rated buildings & projects, becoming the first Indian cleaning chemicals brand to be approved through the GreenPro label.

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer is a great non messy product to Sanitize, Protect & Moisturize hands without water. 99 protects hands from re infection for a prolonged time & Aloe Vera gives a soft, moisturized non sticky feel.

Safe before eating, after using Washrooms, after Hand Shakes or generally during work or outdoors.

Available in 25, 50, 100 & 250 ml Bottles & 5 ltr Refill Packs.

Protection from Infections:

99 Instant Hand sanitizer protects hands from all types of common touch borne infections which may be transferred in day to day office activities such as hand shakes, washroom usage etc. It reduces the spread of communicable diseases such as Influenza, Conjunctivitis etc. Apart from common stomach infections brne out of e-coli etc.

Dual Action: (Instantaneous Sanitization & prolonged protection)

Correct Usage of Hand Sanitizer, gives instant protection from Germs & Bacteria because of Alcohol action. After Usage Alcohol evaporates but Triclosan remains on Hands for 2-3 hours protecting hands from re infection in normal working course of the day. This is a unique advantage of 99 instant hand sanitizer & thus makes it ideal to use only 2-3 times in a shift which will provide protection for the whole day.

Safety of Ingredients:

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer contains Naturally Derived Ethanol (Food Grade denatured with Isopropanol) which makes it the safest sanitizer to use as most other sanitizers use only isopropanol which is synthetic. Triclsan is also an extremely safe stay on anti microbial & is present in most commonly available toothpastes in India & across the world. Thus 99 Can be Safely used 2-3 minutes before meals.

Facts to Consider before Purchasing Hand Sanitizer

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer Some Hand Sanitizers / Hand Gels available in the Market
Dual Action of Alcohol + Leave on Sanitizer giving prolonged protection. Viz. Alcohol + Triclosan. Only Alcohol Based Gel giving only instantaneous protection leaving chance of infection later.
Denatured Ethanol Made from Natural Grain / Molasses used as source. Synthetic Isopropanol used as source.
Manufactured under FDA License. Every Batch Testing at FDA approved Lab done for Quality. Sometimes No License. Please Check License No. & request for FDA Lab Analysis Report.
Glycerine & Aloe Vera Used as Moisturizers. Product is completely Non Sticky. Moisturizers not known. Most Hand Sanitizers are extremely sticky also.
All Key Ingredients mentioned on Pack along with Batch No., Mfg. & Exp. As mandated by FDA. Many Gels do not carry Key ingredient list or Batch No., Mfg. & Exp. As Mandated by FDA. Should Check.

Hand Comfort

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer is hypoallergenic, contains aloe vera & glycerine as natural moisturizers. After usage, hands feel cool & light with a fresh soft moisturized yet non sticky feel. It also has a very mild refreshing lemon fragrance.

Reliability, Consistency & Convenience

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer is manufactured under an FDA License. This makes the product reliable & every batch is tested from an independent FDA approved Laboratory for Key Ingredients. This ensures certified Consistency in Quality. 99 can be conveniently used from Manual/Automatic Dispensers & also helps in Saving Water, Reducing Absenteeism due to work acquired infections.

For Instant fresh & Soft, Germ Free hands

End Use Recommendation

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer can be easily dispensed through Refillable Wall Mounted Dispensers as one shown above. These are refillable & may be installed at Entry to Work Areas, Entry to Cafeterias & at Exit Points of Washrooms. For this purpose 99 Instant Hand Sanitizer is available in 5 ltr HDPE Cans.

99 Instant Hand Sanitizer can also b used through table top Round Dispenser bottles in which it is available in 250/300 ml packing. It can also be individually issued to staff on a monthly basis in a convenient 50 / 25 ml flip top bottle which lasts one whole month depending upon use & are convenient to carry in purses / bags etc.

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