Professional Hand Sanitizer : Doctors, Medical Personnel, F&B  - Pharma Industry - Kitchen Staff

Triclosan  USP 0.5% in Ethanol 62% v/v Gel Base


Instant & powerful: sanitization of Ethanol (anti Bacterial (MRSA & VRE) Anti Viral (All types of Flu, HIV & Hepatitis) & Antifungal).

Prolonged anti microbial protection due to residual effect of Triclosan up to 2-4 hrs after use.

Fast drying, No need for washing hands, Convenient Gel Base avoids wastage & easy to dispense through wall mounted dispensers.

Glycerin & Aloe Vera gives excellent moisturized soft & fresh 7 non sticky after feel. Ideally suited for use by doctors, medical personnel, nursing staff, patients & their visitors.

Available in 100ml, 500ml bottles & 5 ltr refill packs.




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