UTILEX is a one of a kind product that contains only US FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for Food contact surface) listed ingredients. This follows the highest levels of food safety as defined by the US FDA, helping in achieving HACCP norms effectively & easily. Cleaning & Degreasing efficiency is achieved through a mix of GRAS approved surfactants. UTILEX also adds a shine to Glass-Ceramic & Steel surfaces due to its food safe chelating agents. The product is rinse off & foaming to be used manually in all cleaning operatives & is pH balanced for very low skin irritability.

Dilution (20-50 ml/ltr or 2-5%) available in 5 ltr packing.


Food contact surface safe GRAS listed ingredients with powerful Cleaning, Degreasing & Germ Fighting action in a single step process. High power of GRAS listed quaternary Ammonium compound & food safe PHMB# gives excellent broad spectrum sanitization. Neutral pH & caustic free formulation has very low irritability. Can also be used through foaming machines to reach surface not possible to clean manually. Dilution (20-50 ml/ltr or 2-5%) available in 5 ltr packing

# PHMB is not GRAS listed but is food safe as per EU & allowed in food contact formulations worldwide.


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