Variants Available Premium LFRA ##
          Cleaning Powder Strong Medium
          Fragrance   Unfragranced
          End User Pharma (general Areas )
(All areas)

F&B Manufacturing & Kitchens Pharma (Process areas)



Manufactured under FDA license


About STERISHINE Premium: A unique high power Cleaner & Sanitizer  for  all  floors powerful
germ kill, make it ideal for all floor types in professional sensitive settings such as Pharma Industries, Hospitals, Food Processing Industries & Warehouses & Kitchens.

Usage Dilution 2-5% Sanitizing Agent Benzalkonium Chloride 4% w/v & PHMB

Special Remarks: Premium ** Version contains fragrance & can be used in all hospitals areas & pharma general areas. Whereas LFRA Versions is unfragranced & can be used in food  settings to sanitize & clean all floors by regular mopping of for periodic machine cleaning also. Should be used at 5% dilution for complete protection against bacteria, fungi & viruses. Benzalkonium Chloride is effective on HIV & Hepatitis Virus.

    ** Fragerance is not GRAS listed & may not be food safe.
# PHMB is not GRAS listed but is food safe as per EU & allowed in food contact formulations worldwide.

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